February 2017 KIC Poll: What Classic Horror Movie Type Monster Would You Like To See In Killer Instinct?

It’s February already?! 2017 is just rolling right in by isn’t it? As with previous months over the years, we’ll rolling off this month with a brand new poll, and this one is a little bit different than others we’ve done in the past.

With the new The Ring movie releasing this weekend, it got me to thinking about other horror movies featuring different typos of monsters as their prime protagonist. It’s those thoughts that laid down the foundation for this month’s poll: what type of classic horror movie “monster” would like to see implemented into Killer Instinct? A killer clown? A possessed doll? A Frankenstein monster? Hit the poll to the right to place your vote!

For January’s poll, we asked what you’d like to see most from KI in 2017. Well, unsurprisingly, the majority opted for additional characters, followed by the want for more stages and new game modes. Already we’ve seen the arrival of Kilgore with the promise of more characters to come in the future! 

Here’s the full results of the poll…

What Do You Want Most From Killer Instinct In 2017?

New Characters (59%, 345 Votes)
New Stages (30%, 179 Votes)
New Game Modes (11%, 64 Votes)
Total Voters: 588


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