First Batch Of Ultimates Releasing On February 14th- For Free!

UPDATE: Edited the original article to reflect that the first pack includes 5 characters, not 15. Apologies!

Ultimates are coming to Killer Instinct and the first batch will be releasing on February 14th! Available as a free download in the Xbox Store, 5 characters–not including Shadow Jago, who already had an Ultimate!–will receive their Ultimates in the first Ultimate Master Pack, with additional Ultimates coming to the rest of the roster in the subsequent months ahead. The five characters in the pack include Jago, Maya, Thunder, TJ Combo, and Tusk.

But how exactly will be able to perform the Ultimates once they’ve been added to the characters? Ultra-Combo provides the answer…

Ultimates are performed by starting an Ultra Combo, then quickly pressing LP and LK. This will trigger the Ultimate. You need to be on your first bar of health to perform an Ultimate, as expected. No Supreme Victory, no Ultimate.

For more info on Killer Instinct’s Ultimates, visit Ultra-Combo and feel free to leave us a comment here on KIC with your thoughts on the inclusion of Ultimates!


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