Killer Instinct 2/Gold Advanced Fighting Theory

Note: The following descriptions were derived from the Killer Instinct Gold instruction booklet

This are goes a bit deeper into fighting strategy. The skills are more advanced, so you should have the basics down before moving on.

Combo Breakers
A Combo Breaker is a Special Move that breaks an active Combo. You can only break a Combo during the Auto-Double or Manual-Double (see the master section to learn about Manual-Doubles). The rules for breaking are very simple; If the opponent is doing a Punch move, break with your character’s Combo Breaker motion + Kick, if the opponent is doing a Kick move, break with your character’s Combo Breaker motion + Punch. For example, if your opponent does a valid Opener, then a punch Auto-Double, when you see the punch Auto-Double (typically two punches), do your character’s Combo Breaker motion + Kick.

Now that you know how to do basic Combos, it’s time to make the Combo bigger! This is done with the “Linker” moves. After performing an Auto or Manual-Double, perform your character’s Linker Special Move, this will not knock your opponent down. Following the Linker, you can then perform another Auto-Double, then any End Special (or just do the End Special after the Linker to lessen the chances of having your Combo broken!).

Super Moves
After building up your Super Bar, it is possible to perform Super Moves. These include Super Linkers, Super End Finishers, as well as a few more things we will save for the Master Section. Super Linkers will do five instead of the usual one hit for the Linker. Super End Finishers will hit four to six times at the end of the Combo.

After your Combo is finished, sometimes it is possible to sneak in a few more hits! There are many ways to Juggle your opponent, these include certain Special Moves, as well as some regular moves. With some characters, there are ways to get seven or more Juggle hits!!

Throw Combos
For easy Juggling, try doing your character’s Throw in a Combo! Throws can only be done in a Combo after an Auto-Double. Notice that the opponent will be tossed higher up than with the usual Throw. This is so that you can Juggle them!!

Each character has several ways they can get up from the ground quickly. These Special Moves are referred to as “Pop-ups”.

Top Attack
You can Top Attack your opponent by Holding Back and Fierce Punch, Fierce Kick or Medium Punch depending on your fighter. Top Attacks are effective against a Ducking or Blocking opponent. You cannot follow a Top Attack with an Auto-Double, but you can follow it with a Pressure-Double, Manual-Double, and certain Special Moves.


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