Killer Instinct Xbox One Basic Moves

Openers start off any basic combo. You can use specific command moves (Glacius f+MP) , jump-in or special/Shadow moves to start things off. The most important thing to understand about openers is that once you initiate a combo you will be able to do your first “auto-double”.

Are activated when hitting any NORMAL attack after an opener. Auto Doubles (A.K.A AD’s) are always 2 hits. Generally the speed and damage of the auto-doubles are determined by which attack is used. Lights are faster attacks (harder to break), Heavies are slower but do more damage (easier to break), and Mediums are the balance between the two.

Linkers (special Linkers)
Special/character specific moves used after openers which serve as an extension to combos to help control spacing and overall damage output to your opponent. The utility for these are CHARACTER SPECIFIC, and in most cases the strength of each linker can now be determined by the amount of hits the linker does. Using light linkers in combos now hit 1-time and Medium linkers now hit 2-times.

Combo Enders
When using the HEAVY version of most linkers in the game, you will activate the official “Combo Ender”. Combo Enders do a few things such as, gain additional shadow meter, wall bounce, ground bounce (new), enable Juggle and maximize on damage output by “cashing out” the potential damage. Lastly, the small Bulbs that fill up to green, represent the LEVEL of the ender. Currently, there are (4) different versions per ender.

Juggle System
Maximize on damage output to “floating” opponents with combinations of normal and special moves. If you catch an opponent in an anti-air situation, you can hit ANY move (special, normal, even shadow) to do additional damage. The most important thing to consider is the KV meter amount. Currently, hitting an air-born opponent adds significant amount of KV meter. This is helpful to keep the fights grounded, avoid infinite’s & always have juggles in mind to gain advantage in positioning AND damage. Shadow moves, do NOT add value to the KV meter.

Knockdown Value – AKA “KV”
Meter under the Combo counter, which represents the maximum amount of HITS you can deal to your opponent. Once you reach the maximum, or exceed the maximum value (currently 100+) without an ender, you will blow out the combo. This will also result in the potential damage that you build up through the combo to be lost.

Ground Bounces
Currently Glacius is the first character known to have the ground bounce. You can do it by ending with his HAIL move (Quarter Circle Back And Fierce Punch).


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