Killer Instinct 2/Gold Basic Fighting Theory

Note: The following descriptions were derived from the Killer Instinct Gold instruction booklet

This area explains the basic fighting techniques. Study this section carefully before moving on. Developing a strong base for your fighting skills is necessary to achieve Advanced, or Master skills.

Combo Theory
A Combo is a series of Linked Attacks. The resulting Combo that you see on the screen depends on the sequence of attacks that you perform. There are seven possible steps for putting together a Combo:

Opener, Auto-Double/Manual-Double, Linker, Auto-Double/Manual-Double and End Finisher. You don’t need to know all of these techniques yet, let’s just start with the easy stuff!!

An Opener is a move that initiates a Combo. An Opener can be any kind of attack, or Special Move that doesn’t knock your opponent down, and allows enough time to do more hits before the opponent can move. Basic Openers include Jump-in attacks, Pressures and “Opener” Special Moves.

An Auto-Double is a single move which can be performed at certain times in a Combo, and provides an extra hit. If you perform an Opener to start a Combo, press an Auto-Double button to continue the attack.

A valid Auto-Double depends on what you opened with. A valid Auto-Double for a Fierce Punch Opener is Medium Punch or Medium Kick. It’s that simple, the Auto-Double is always one button down from the valid Opener.

End Finishers
End Finishers are Special Moves that will end a Combo Sequence. Each fighter has four End Finishers. Performing all four End Finishers in a single match will give the fighter a fifth End Finisher, called (obviously!) the Fifth End Finisher. For more on the Fifth End Finisher, see the Advanced Theory section.

You can throw your opponent to prevent them from being defensive fighters (Turtles!). It’s frustrating when all your opponents do is sit back, and block your attacks. Throws do little damage, and they can be reversed, but they are one way to stop Turtles!

Throw Reversals
You can reverse a Throw by pressing Back and tapping your fighter’s Throw button. You must do this in the first frame of your opponent’s Throw. You can use the audio to queue your reversal, too. Perform your Reversal when you hear your opponent’s “Throw Grunt”. Throw Reversals can be reversed, too!


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