Killer Instinct Advanced Combo Theory

Note: The following descriptions were derived from the Killer Instinct instruction booklet

So you’ve mastered all the basic combos; Jump-Ins, Openers, Linkers and End Finishers. Well that’s far from all you’ll find in Killer Instinct! Below you’ll find some of the more advanced tricks.

Danger Moves
When you have your opponent on the ropes and basically defeated, you can perform a Danger Move on him or her. You will only have a few seconds to perform the move. Some of the Danger Moves require special timing, or that you stand a certain distance from your victim.

Ultra Combos
If your opponent is almost defeated (his second life bar is almost gone and the bit that remains is flashing), you can perform an Ultra Combo. Basically, Ultra Combos are like special End Finishers that work when your opponent is almost defeated. Go into a combo sequence, and if you hit, finish it with the Ultra Combo move noted for the character you are using. If you do it correctly, you should get a double digit Ultra Combo, usually in excess of 20 hits. There is no way to Combo Break an Ultra Combo, but if you’re getting hit by one, you were almost defeated anyway.


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