Killer Instinct Intermediate Combo Theory

Note: The following descriptions were derived from the Killer Instinct instruction booklet

There’s nothing that can make you feel quite as helpless as a multi-hit combo. So what can you do about it besides put the controller down and grab some soda and chips? You can bust out a Combo Breaker, that’s what!

Each fighter has a special move that will function as a Combo Breaker. A Combo Breaker can potentially interrupt any part of a combo – Auto-Double, Linker, and End Special (but not the final hits of an Ultra Combo). The key is to use the proper Combo Breaker to break the move. This takes practice and a keen eye, plus vast knowledge of every character’s Openers, Linkers and Auto-Doubles.

Combo Breakers can be summed up as follows:

Quick breaks Medium.
Medium breaks Fierce.
Fierce breaks Quick.

The best way to envision Combo Breakers is like the game “Scissors, Paper, Rock” The correct Combo Breaker will beat your opponent’s attack. To break an Opener sequence or an End Finisher, you must perform the Combo Breaker using the button that breaks the button your opponent is using. So if he hits you with a Fierce Opener, you can break with your Quick Combo Creaker.

Since you can break a Linker with any of the buttons (Quick, Medium or Fierce), it’s risky to do long combos. However, you still have to learn the timing to do the Combo Breaker and that only comes with practice.

Breaking a combo does several things. First of all, it gets you out of the humiliating sequence of hits and damage, and it throws your opponent for a loop! Second of all, all characters have some moves that are enhanced after they have broken a combo.


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