General Information

Killer Instinct Central is a website dedicated to delivering the latest news and information on the Killer Instinct franchise. Whether it’s the new Xbox One Killer Instinct from Double Helix Games or Rare’s classic Arcade, SNES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64 classics, you can guarantee that KIC will have it covered!

Website History

Development of Killer Instinct Central began a few weeks after the announcement of Killer Instinct Xbox One at Microsoft’s 2013 E3 Media Briefing. The founders of KIC were Daniel Duncan and Amir Abdollahi. The idea for the website came after the realization that there were few site’s on the internet dedicated specifically to the Killer Instinct franchise.

As development of KIC began, it was decided early on that the characters would be the central part of the website. As with any game in the fighting genre, the characters are the most important aspect of the game, so ensuring that they would be front and center was a necessity.


About the Author

Founder/Writer For Killer Instinct Central. Twitter: @devin_durock