EXCLUSIVE: Killer Instinct Xbox One Music Suite

The music of Killer Instinct has always been one of the defining points of the franchise. Robin Beanland and Graeme Norgate’s soundtrack for the original arcade and SNES classic has consistently been praised for nineteen years following the initial release of the game. In fact, the console version even came packaged with the Killer Cuts CD! That’s how special the music to the game was. Fast forward nearly two decades later and the music is once again being prepped to captivate and amaze.

In the new and upcoming Killer Instinct for Xbox One, the music is being handled by Mick Gordon, a veteran himself in the gaming industry. His take on the new Killer Instinct music provides some nostalgic remixes of the original tunes and some brand new theme songs for the characters as well. For the first time and provided exclusively to Killer Instinct Central from Mick himself, here is a ‘Killer Instinct Music Teaser Suite’ that include’s Mick’s take on the Killer Instinct theme and Character Selection Screen music, as well as Jago’s theme. Listen and enjoy!

A very special thanks to Mick for the opportunity to exclusively host this music!


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