Killer Instinct’s Sadira

Sadira_Portrait Sadira is a cold-blooded assassin who has contracted with Ultratech to quiet whistleblowers, activists, politicians and any other enemies of the megacorporation who might prevent the artificial intelligence called ARIA from executing her plans for an evolved humanity.

Sadira was born in a refugee camp on the Thai border, an area rife with bloody conflicts waged between ethnic groups and the Communist government of Myanmar. As a child she learned to fight in order to survive in the tough camp, training in the muay boran—the ancient boxing style of the region. Her instructor tried to teach her that this martial art was meant to build character, but what Sadira loved about it was the sheer violence…the thrill of pummeling, dominating and humiliating another human.

And she craved something darker and more satisfying than just a contest.

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