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Killer Instinct’s Aganos

Aganos_Portrait Animated by a group of powerful artisans for a purpose lost to time, this war golem, the last of its kind, has been a prized possession of warlords, power mongers, and kings, its violent history writ large across the battlefields of Europe and the Middle-East.

As the ages wore on and the battles continued, so was a toll taken on the golem’s body. Its creators long dead, it was impossible to replace its worn and broken components. Piece by piece, battle by battle, the golem lost its original identity, substituting rocks for metal, vines for bolts and ropes.

The golem felt nothing, thought of nothing. It only obeyed commands… until one king gave it a most unusual order. Instead of ordering the construct to kill or destroy, this king commanded it to learn, to think. He named it Aganos “a person of gentle disposition” in the hopes that it would grow beyond its previous use and into something that could choose how to act.

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