There Are No DRM Issues With Killer Instinct Xbox One

There are some reports going out that Microsoft still has its original DRM practices for Xbox One in place and that it’s effecting Killer Instinct. Let me make this perfect clear: those reports simply aren’t true, so don’t believe them! The issue arose when the game was rendered unplayable at a recent tournament and the game refused to load, requiring authentication from the owner. This resulted in the assumption that the game couldn’t play offline and needed to be “checked-in”, something that hadn’t been done on twenty-four hours. That wasn’t problem at all, despite what some will have you believe.

The real truth is the people at the tournament were attempting to load the game from a single profile on multiple Xbox Ones. Just like the Xbox 360, this will not work. The game needs to be purchased and loaded from multiple accounts on different Xbox One’s in order to work as intended, so believing that there is some hidden DRM practices in place is foolish.

I just wanted get this out there to assist in qualming those silly reports spreading out there. A mistake was made and it was taken out of proportion to be something entirely different. So rest assured that everything with KI and Microsoft is fine in this regard, so if you hear someone saying otherwise, inform them of the truth!


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