Shadow Jago Revealed

UPDATE: So now that we have seen what Shadow Jago looks like what do we know about him? During last weeks Play XBLA stream we learned what to expect from the character:

  • Shadow Jago has the same move set as Jago
  • Shadow Jago visually looks different. Ghostly grey colored skin, chains on back instead of rope, dark blue fireball instead of flaming orange and red. Overall more evil and dark looking
  • Shadow Jago has all brand new voice acting clips that are different from Jago
  • Double Helix wants to implement things in the future to Shadow Jago to make him more unique and different from Jago
  • Possibly add moves that Jago had but were taken out to Shadow Jago in the future

ORIGINAL STORY: Yes, finally today we got to see Shadow Jago. Below is a screen cap from the Play XBLA stream where he was revealed. More soon!

Shadow Jago

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