How To Reach Shadow Jago In Killer Instinct Xbox One

Warning: Arcade Mode spoilers posted below, read at your own risk!!

UPDATE: This post has recently been updated. There was inconsistent information in how to reach Shadow Jago after unlocking all three endings. The info contained within should now be correct. I apologize for any convenience caused.

The elusive Shadow Jago is the boss for the first season of Killer Instinct Xbox One. Reaching him is actually a fairly easy task, but one that requires you to play through Arcade Mode with a single character four different times. The specific objectives that must be met in order for you to be deemed worthy enough to face Shadow Jago are posted below, so Read on to discover the challenges you most complete…

Unlock all three endings with any character (any difficulty).

Ending One- Do not perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth opponent (your rival) or seventh opponent (sub-boss Fulgore).

Ending Two- Perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth opponent (your rival) but not on the seventh opponent (sub-boss Fulgore).

Ending Three- Perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth opponent (your rival) and on the seventh opponent (sub-boss Fulgore).

After unlocking all three endings with a character.

Begin Arcade Mode with any character on medium or higher difficulty that you’ve unlocked all three endings with. From there, you need to perform as many Ultra Combos and earn as many Supreme Victories as possible and you cannot lose a single match. Facing Shadow Jago is based upon how high your score is. So the better you play, the more likely you are to reach him. And don’t forget that you most perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth opponent (your rival).

If you did all of the above things correctly, you’ll skip over sub-boss Fulgore and progress to fight the real boss of season one instead, Shadow Jago! Let us know in the comments your Arcade Mode experience!


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