So What’s Going On With KIC?

Its been awhile, hasn’t it? When Killer Instinct Central launched back on July 26th, 2013, we had two goals in mind: to always deliver the latest KI news, provide interesting exclusives, and be the place where everything Killer Instinct is housed.

On the news and exclusives front, I feel like we successfully lived up to our goals. We delivered KI news as it broke and aggressively sought out anything KI related to keep you all informed. We had plenty of exclusives from interviews with developers and being the first to introduce four of the game’s hit songs, courtesy of composer Mick Gordon.

But as time wore on, it became readily apparent that we failed on the front of delivering informative KI content. The front page is still missing several character icons, many of the character pages have nothing more than an image of said character, and so forth. That goal is one that was never achieved and is one now that we’d like to correct.

So what is in store for KIC’s future? As formerly mentioned, we’ll first and foremost be fleshing out our current content. The front page will be updated to reflect the entire roster and each of their individual pages will retain as much information as possible. We’ll also be working on a new and robust Shadow Lords section to detail everything there is to the mode with different storylines, the artifacts, etc. Other updates across the site will also be carried out and reported on via updates so you’ll always know what’s happening.

On the news front… well that part will be a little tricky. While we’ll continue to work on obtaining new exclusives for you to enjoy, news on the actual series itself is at a bit of a stand still with development on the current KI apparently ceased. But we’ll certainly be reporting anything that comes up, big or small.

And lastly, I do offer a sincere and humble apology for the area where we failed you, the fans. We owe our entire success as a website to each and everyone of you and letting you down in anyway was never our intent. For that I hope you’ll forgive us and as 2018 continues on, we’ll ensure that KIC lives up to its name and our goals are fully achieved.


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