New Poll: What Do You Hope To See From Killer Instinct Xbox One At E3 2014?

The month of May has begun and thus a brand new poll is born. E3 2014 is just little over a month away, so our new poll will be focused on what you are hoping to see from Killer Instinct Xbox One at the event. Brand new characters? No Mercies? More Ultimate Combos perhaps? Maybe you want to hear the new music? The poll located in the right sidebar, so see your options and place your vote!

In regards to previous poll… we asked you all what character you were most interested in seeing return in Killer Instinct Xbox One’s second season. Cinder was the clear winner with TJ Combo and Riptor being the second and third most popular choices. Full results posted below:

Cinder (36%, 975 Votes)

T.J. Combo (26%, 699 Votes)

Riptor (17%, 460 Votes)

A Brand New Character (6%, 169 Votes)

Tusk (4%, 123 Votes)

Kim Wu (4%, 99 Votes)

Eyedol (3%, 93 Votes)

Maya (3%, 91 Votes)

Gargos (1%, 31 Votes)

Are you pleased with the results from last months poll? Do you agree or disagree with the top choices? Let us know in the comments!


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