New Details On Ragequitting Fix, Fulgore Reveal, Season Two Characters And More!

Want that fix for the ever growing plague of rage quitters online? Ready to see Fulgore? These are but a couple of things discussed during today’s Microsoft Studios Killer Instinct stream with a slew of other new and old information talked about as well. We’ve gathered it all together for you below, so read it over and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

  • Fulgore will be shown at the end of Spinal’s trailer.
  • Along with the launch of Spinal will be code dealing with the rage quitting issues.
  • Raising the Rank match level cap is something they can definitely do. It currently ends at Level 40.
  • It was reconfirmed that Shadow Jago will eventually receive his own moves.
  • Eyedole will not be returning in season one, so don’t expect to see him as a boss when the game’s story mode launches in March.
  • Jago will not be getting his slide kick move back.
  • There are plans for additional announcers, but no progress on this has been made.
  • Guest characters may come in the future, but only after the franchise has been more established. They want to include previous characters and brand new characters first.
  • Achievement fixes should be in the next content update.
  • The game could one day release on Xbox 360, but only after it has been on Xbox One for an extended period of time. Features would likely have to be removed, however.
  • Doesn’t know as of yet if a new character will be shown at the end of Fulgore’s trailer in March.
  • Dojo mode for more characters may come in the future, but not until after story mode at minimum.
  • They would ideally have another eight characters for Season Two, possibly more.

  • There are plans for additional Ultra Enders.

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