Killer Instinct: Season 2 Character Auction Tournament At EVO 2015

Iron Galaxy’s Adam ‘Keits’ Heart has announced today that there will be a Killer Instinct: Season 2 Character Auction Tournament at the EVO Saucy Suite this Saturday at 10pm PST. Here’s the announcement trailer for the tournament plus additional information detailing what a ‘Character Auction Tournament’ is…

How does it work?

– Bring at least 5 one dollar bills and any other cash you want to use to bid. You must have your cash on hand during bidding, no exceptions.

– The auctioneer will pull a character name out of a hat.

– Players will bid on that character by raising their hand in $1 increments. If the auctioneer points at you, put your hand down until someone outbids you, at which time you may raise your hand again.

– When bidding ends, the player who won that character will pay the amount s/he bid into the prize pool and be entered into the bracket.

– We will do this 16 times, to get 16 players, using 16 characters. (Yes, one random character will be left out of this tournament. Will it be yours?)

– No duplicates. If you are a Jago player and someone else outbids you for Jago, there wont be another chance.

– If you win a bid but cannot pay, you will be banned from all future auction events for life. We don’t mess around.

– The tournament is single game, single elim. Will you bet it all on a counterbreaker? Anything can happen.

– 1st place wins 70% of the prize pot. 2nd place wins 30%. Everyone else wins nothing.

Source: Ultra-Combo


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