Killer Instinct Now Available on Steam

That’s right folks! Killer Instinct has officially launched on Steam. If you are a PC player and were unable to purchase it through the Windows 10 app store, but Steam is an option for you, you can now partake in the combo-breakers with the rest of us!

Download link:

Be sure to head over to ultra-combo for their in-depth Q&A about Killer Instinct on Steam. Below are a few of the questions that the Killer Instinct team has answers for:

Q: Who is the Steam version of Killer Instinct for?
A: We are committed to making Killer Instinct available to as many players as possible and creating a large, strong network so there is always someone to fight–er, play against. Gamers who purchase the game through Steam now have access to play Killer Instinct and even better, they can also play against players on Xbox One and Windows 10 (and vice versa) for the first time ever.

Q: What’s included in the Steam version of Killer Instinct?
A: Killer Instinct on Steam includes all seasons of KI – all 29 characters (including the newly released Eagle, plus Kilgore and Shin-Hisako remix characters), all 20 stages, all costumes, all colors, and all modes.

Q: I own KI on Xbox /Windows 10, is the information from Xbox cross-saved to Steam?
A: The cross-save and cross-buy features within Xbox Play Anywhere are enabled through the Xbox Live service on Xbox and Windows. However, Steam is a separate network which does not support Xbox Play Anywhere, so cross-saves accessing save game data are not supported.

More Q&A over at ultra-combo!

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