Killer Instinct Featured In Dell Advert

Bright and early this past Sunday morning, I take my weekly, habitual trip to the local cinema to watch a movie. This week’s selection was Spider-Man: Homecoming, the latest reboot of the franchise and the web slingers official lone entry into the MCU. I always arrive to the theatre long before the movie begins as I enjoy seeing what adverts and previews are played before the movie. This particular time though, I was caught by complete surprise when none other than Killer Instinct makes an appearance in an advert for Dell.

As I’m sure you know by now, Killer Instinct will be receiving a full 4K upgrade on Xbox One X and Windows 10 later this year, and Dell made sure to use KI as its focus for its 4K capable device. But they went beyond just showing gameplay on a screen–they went as far as to CGI in a couple of 4K rendered versions of Kim Wu and Mira! Pretty cool, right?

Well that’s enough of my “overly excited” rambling. How about you see the advert for yourself? Watch it below and, as usual, feel free to leave a comment sharing your thoughts in the comments…


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