January 16th Play XBLA Killer Instinct Highlights (New Spinal Info)

UPDATE: Online Lobbies have been delayed and will no longer be available in January. Details Here!

So while we watched the team play amongst each other and other extremely skilled players online they talked about some new things we could look forward to including just a bit more Spinal information.

  • 15 new achievements for every new character that will account for 150 Gamerscore each
  • Free characters will start to rotate each week
  • They plan to launch online lobbies with Spinal
  • New accessory packs released each week
  • Ultra edition owners will receive Spinal early
  • The Classic Jago’s Laser Sword move did not have a green glow because the team didn’t redo the effects. They might look at it in the future. Just because they are doing new characters doesn’t mean they wont go back and re-look at old ones
  • With the Xbox One update to party systems Killer Instinct will get an overhaul in joining and hosting lobbies for the better
  • The team mentioned that Spinal plays very differently than the other characters. They also said that when playing against Spinal you must pay very close attention to all your bars
  • They are still looking into getting Shadow Jago his own move set. Can’t confirm on date but intent is there
  • They will be adding an option to turn off Killer Points reports in multiplayer
  • Double Helix and MS Game Studios writing the story. There is a lot of fun lore and “neat things” similar to original Killer Instincts. Backstories and hidden agendas for each character
  • Not really looking into adding training stage for regular versus matches
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