Free Killer Instinct Outfits With The Purchase Of Kinect Sports Rivals (Digital version)

In early April, developer Rare-creators of Killer Instinct–released their first game on Xbox One, Kinect Sports Rivals. Rivals is the the third entry in the companies multi-million selling Kinect Sports franchise and offers plenty of new and rich features such as being able to scan yourself into the game, an actual story mode, and the option to fully customize your character with different outfits. That last feature is where the Killer Instinct connection comes into play.

With the purchase of the digital version of Rivals on the Xbox One store, you receive a free set of Killer Instinct attire to dress your character in. Jago and Thunder themed outfits are a couple of examples. If you’ve already bought the physical copy of the game or intend to buy the physical copy, the KI outfits will be available in the Xbox One Games Store at a later date.

If you haven’t purchased Kinect Sports Rivals already, does the knowledge of Killer Instinct related content in the game encourage you to buy it? Leave a comment letting me know!


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