Everything We Know About Maya So Far

Today during the Killer Instinct EVO 2014 Panel Maya was revealed. Below is everything we know about her so far:

  • Maya is a warrior, hunter, badass
  • Incan inspired, Latin origin, monster hunter
  • Gameplay focus is ancient blades
  • Still has twin daggers named “Temperance” and “Vengeance”
  • “Blade bouncing”
  • Her daggers will be the bread and butter of her offense
  • They will be used in all of her punch-based normals
  • She can throw each of them independently and quickly after each other as they rebound off her opponent
  • If you miss with a dagger throw you will lose access to all the moves associated with it until the dagger is retrieved from the ground
  • All dagger associated attacks will be temporarily disabled while in this state which will hinder offensive options
  • The daggers level up with consecutive hits
  • When the daggers level up they will gain new properties until you miss a throw
  • At the highest level you can combine the two daggers that can be used as a homing, unblockable projectile.
  • New stage called City of Dawn set in South America



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